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Recipe: Energy bars Read more »

Recipe: Energy bars

Energy bars are most suitable for the revitalization of our body in such cases. Delicious and healthy snack efficiently saturates the body and reestablish its vitality.



Making smoothies couldn’t be easier, but sometimes you just need some extra tips to make them even healthier and outstandingly tasty. Of course you could just use a recipe (you can find many on PlanetBIO blog), but sometimes the best recipes are those you create…

3 RECIPES for the road Read more »

3 RECIPES for the road

The following snacks are perfect for those sunny days spent outside, when you just want to stay away from the kitchen and enjoy the outdoors. We’re totally into active lifestyle, so we know how important it is to keep your energy levels high during such…

5 RECIPES for healthy SNACKS Read more »

5 RECIPES for healthy SNACKS

We already wrote about eating healthy at work on PlanetBIO blog, but everybody needs some yummy recipes to put it into practice – right? Today we share 5 delicious recipes for healthy snacks that we have tried by ourselves and they sure hit the spot.…

3 WILD recipes with SPRING greens Read more »

3 WILD recipes with SPRING greens

You know those days when you’re constantly hungry? You have a healthy breakfast (here’s a few ideas) and eat a good lunch, but you still feel like munching on something the whole afternoon? Spring can be especially nasty about this. Nice weather means we spend…

How to use PERFECTLY GREEN? Read more »


PlanetBIO green blend Perfectly clean/green is a detoxifying mix of highly functional foods that: contribute to detoxification eliminate heavy metals and toxins out of the body help with anaemia boost your energy levels strengthen the immune system improve your vitality Perfectly clean/green consists of 4…

Top 5 recipes for GRANOLA breakfast Read more »

Top 5 recipes for GRANOLA breakfast

Anyone who has ever tried our GRANOLA snacks knows that they are gone before you can say knife. They usually end up in your tummy as a quick breakfast while driving to work, yummy snack at job or nutritious fix on a weekend hike. Which…

Recipes: HEALTHY VALENTINE'S DAY Read more »


Valentine’s here! Have any fun plans? Nothing comes close to spending time and having fun with your loved ones every single day, but we also thought it would be fun to make some healthy vegan treats for this special occasion. Wanna know what’s on our…

GREEN recipes to DETOX and get rid of toxins Read more »

GREEN recipes to DETOX and get rid of toxins

Recipe 1: DETOX TRUFFLES (delicious and actually good for you!) Ingredients: 1 cup dried apricots 3 cup water 1 cup cashews 1 cup brazil nuts 1 teaspoon PlanetBIO spirulina powder 1 tablespoon PlanetBIO wheatgrass powder Soak the apricots overnight and blend them into a smooth…

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YACON & COCOA SWEET NIBS: How to use them?

We are proud to announce our new product: 100 % organic Cocoa & Yacon Sweet Nibs, made of only 3 natural, plant-based ingredients. Pure cocoa nibs from Peru are covered in a healthy and insanely delicious mixture of 100 % cocoa paste and yacon syrup. Only…

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