PlanetBIO has always supported healthy and active lifestyle. We know how important it is to feed our body after an intense activity. It is crucial to nurture our muscles and help them recover quick and efficiently. We too are active, so we know what are we talking about – we tested everything we recommend on ourselves. We have tried everything from whey protein to raw foods. Want to know what we found out?

No doubt that protein supports quicker recovery, greater endurance and muscle mass growth. But at the same time, we were not able to find the protein supplement we were looking for – 100 % natural and plant-based protein, with added functional value if possible. Well, we said to ourselves, we’ll just make our own – so we did!


  • 100 % ORGANIC. Only a few protein supplements out there carry organic certificate – PlanetBIO Protein Shakes are one of them. Organic certificate ensures that every ingredient is organic and the blend contains no artificial fillers, flavorings or colorings.
  • 100 % PLANT BASED. Whey protein is known to cause digestion problems, such as bloating and gases. What is more, too much animal protein is proven to be harmful in long term. Various non-profit research has shown that large quantities of animal protein are connected to diabetes, cancer and obesity. PlanetBIO Protein Shakes contain natural protein from rice, pea and pumpkin seeds.
  • 100 % COMPLETE. We created perfect amino acid profile by combining various plant sources of protein (rice, pea and pumpkin). This simply cannot be achieved with only one protein source, such as only pea protein or only rive protein. The key is diversity!
  • 100 % FUNCTIONAL. All PlanetBIO Protein Shakes contain a helpful addition: psyllium husk, which is full of fiber that promotes good digestion and lean body. Two of PlanetBIO Protein Shakes have a special added bonus – highly functional superfoods. PlanetBIO BANANA Protein Shake contains medicinal mushrooms to support immune system and further increase recovery. PlanetBIO COCOA Protein Shake contains barley and wheatgrass for even more minerals that improve blood circulation, general nutrition and prevent cramps during activity.
  • 100 % NATURAL. PlanetBIO Protein Shakes contain no artificial additives, such as fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. We even skipped sweeteners, so you can really feel the power of pure protein and mix them with literally anything.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. PlanetBIO Protein Shakes are FREE OF soy, nuts, dairy, gluten and other allergens.

Last but not least, all three PlanetBIO Protein Shakes are delicious and ready to mix with water, dairy-free milk, juice or smoothie. We offer you some basic guidelines and ideas to use here.


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