Is PMS also your nuisance?

by PlanetBIO EU
December 14, 2020

By: Anja Sterle, naturopathic practitioner

Welcome to the club, if I may joke about it, as this most common gynaecological problem, is said to afflict about 80% of women, most often those belonging to the age group between the late 20s and the early 40s.

Differently for every woman, but somehow starting from 14 or 10 to 3 days before your period stats, we may face symptoms on a physical and mental level, such as: bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, sore breasts, headaches, lower abdominal pain, acne. These symptoms can be accompanied also by mood swings, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, anger, difficulty concentrating, craving for sweet or salty snacks.

In this case, we warmly recommend you the consumption of the PlanetBIO Maca, in capsules or powder. Because we are fair to our suppliers, and want to be honest with you as well, we recommend you to start taking maca in moderation, that is half the dose of the recommended daily intake for the first few days. While consuming it, we recommend you from time to time to take a break (use it for 3 weeks and then take a break for 1 week). In this case less is more, and by doing so you will achieve more benefits. Maca is a strong dietary supplement and if you will take it as we recommend, its effect is guaranteed. We also recommend that you monitor your well-being closely.

Maca in powder can be used in several ways and by doing so you can customize its taste. Some people like to add it into juices, others mix it into beverages that replace coffee; you may want to consume it with your breakfast in the oatmeal or millet porridge. You have numerous options at your disposal. Another tip: the taste of maca is very specific therefore, people that are sensible at its taste have the option of PlanetBIO maca capsules, which were specially designed for people who do not like the specific taste of the maca powder.

One of my clients solved many of her health problems by taking maca, such as breast swelling, bloating in the ovarian area, sudden pain, mood swings and irritability that became almost unbearable due to the great stress she experienced, so she finally decided to take action. Now she is calmer, also throughout her cycle, and with significantly less PMS symptoms, which are minimal, compared to the period before she started taking maca. Furthermore, she also followed some other tips I will present you in this article.

If you are one of those people who are “hanging out” with a pronounced PMS every month, you are probably aware that this affects also your loved ones, who already know that it is best to leave you alone at that time of the month.

The interesting thing about this whole range of symptoms is that it can change from month to month, and even more fascinating is the fact that everything disappears with the first drop of blood.

Women are complex human beings conditioned by cyclicality, which makes us a little different every week. We feel, think, and face different states of consciousness differently each week. The modern lifestyle, however, increasingly distances us from the knowledge and actions of our ancestors, who were well acquainted with the phases of the cycle, their characteristics and adapted the taking care of themselves. Consciously or not, women live in their day-to-day cyclicality, and perhaps the lasting solution to your ailments lies in the reawakening of the wisdom of listening to your own cycle.

Different characteristics and recommendations apply to each phase of the female cycle. Not to stray from the topic of this blog, let us take a look at how they are supposed to work in the days before menstruation, with the aim of alleviating and eventually also eliminating PMS.

Our ancestors knew that the fourth week of the cycle contains the energy of autumn and the approaching winter and that is the time when a woman begins to realize her Truth. During this time, they became simpler, they knew it was a time of letting go of all that is old and limiting, aged and meaningless, that has accumulated on all levels of their being in the past month. At the same time, it was a time for women to say goodbye to the expiring cycle and begin to open up to a new circle, a new life.

Therefore, the most important things in this week are forgiveness and compassion since our feelings are more “alive” and more intense. We are more sensitive and vulnerable, therefore it is important that we are not strict with ourselves and that we forgive ourselves; we need to pamper and nurture ourselves, offer ourselves security, homeliness and warmth. We need to be aware that we have done an important work in the expiring cycle and we deserve a renewal of energy. If we do not forgive ourselves and are not compassionate with ourselves and consequently we do not offer ourselves the necessary care, the emotions and feelings that boil through the day turn into chaos and pain of PMS.

Your body tells you clearly and loudly, with the PMS and other menstrual disorders, that your current lifestyle and the taking care of yourself, do not support your hormonal system. To sum up, the key words for the period in which PMS affects you, are: be gentle, be forgiving towards yourself, be focused and in touch with yourself, offer yourself security, homeliness, and warmth. Taking care of yourself must be a priority. The solution is not to fight the symptoms, but to restore the energy.

Despite the fact that we can find in literature that the cause of PMS is unknown, most researchers of this phenomenon believe that the cause of this is the fluctuations of sex hormones (progesterone and estrogen), as well as serotonin.

So what can you do for yourself during PMS?

Reduce, or even best, stop with the intake of caffeine, which can be the culprit for hormonal imbalances, as well as for most PMS symptoms. Continue with the ritual, just replace the classic coffee with decaffeinated beverages, such as cocoa, barley coffee or chicory, which have beneficial effects on the body.

Forget about sweets (with the exception of really dark chocolate!) and alcoholic beverages in the PMS period and take time to prepare dishes that stimulate the production of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness.

Tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the body in the production of serotonin, can be found in the following foods: salmon, poultry, eggs, spinach, pumpkin seeds, soy products, barley, bulgur, quinoa, etc.

Boiled brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli regulate digestion and contain substances that our body needs to reduce the symptoms of PMS, as well as cleanse our bodies. Today you have learned that the essence of this phase of the cycle is letting go and releasing, which on a physical level it also means detox. Do not forget the legumes, especially lentils, which are rich in vitamin B6, that will regulate your appetite and raise the serotonin levels, which will prevent the mood swings.

Lentils are also a rich source of iron, which is supposed to reduce the symptoms of PMS, but we definitely need iron in the next phase, i.e. during the bleeding period. Avocados, sardines and green leafy vegetables, nuts and pineapple will help you get through the last days before menstruation.

Remember, food should be made with love, by preparing food in this way you are already performing the act of nurturing yourself, moreover, you are preparing your own medicine but it is also very nice if someone else prepares it for you.

Since you are aware and you feel that you do not have enough energy to export during PMS, you will also have to adjust the intensity of work and exercise. Ok, if the amount and intensity of work is not already in your hands, exercise definitely is. Low-intensity exercise, walks, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, stretching, and afterwards baths to which you add magnesium, are the right things to do.

You may have noticed that you have a severe PMS during periods when you are under increased pressure. Yes ladies, stress does affect PMS, therefore make sure you get enough sleep, do some meditation, read a nice book, talk with people you love or write a diary, give as many hugs and kisses as possible, take a massage and give yourself positive affirmations.

I would like to highlight once again the concept of taking care of yourself, of your soul. At this stage you may have noticed that you have a sharpened intuition and creativity, therefore develop them and exploit their potential.

I have given you some advices on how to cope with the mentioned challenges, but if you see that you still cannot cope with them by yourself, please feel free to contact me at (Subject: For Anja Sterle). I will share with you my knowledge and take time to help you solve your problems.

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