By: Anja Sterle, naturopathic practitioner

Dedicate yourself to your body and your soul

The temples are always tidy, clean, fragrant, calm places and so should be our bodies. The body is a temple because your essence resides in it, therefore it is the most important house you have and will be with you always and everywhere. You cannot change this fact, but you can change many other things.

It is time to give your temple only the best, and the company PlanetBIO helps you with many products, with different purposes and benefits:

The best products you have at your disposal have an extremely wide range of use, but this time we want to focus on and highlight their impact on RESISTANCE, HORMONAL BALANCE and CALMING EFFECT, which are most needed due to shorter, darker days and the situation that currently dictates our lifestyles.

What does your temple need?

1__If it is RESISTANCE with which you defend yourself from winter diseases and the current Coronavirus, there are THREE PlanetBIO MUSKETEERS available to strengthen your immune system and respiratory health:

2__This year we have been exposed to an enormous stress, which could not be avoided and it is still present. The impact of stress on an individual is different and it can happen that it can be the trigger for your HORMONAL IMBALANCE, for your mood, which can change like the whimsical April weather, and other, unbalanced hormone-related problems, that cause you additional worries…

There are two real gems at your disposal, which can be described as your best friends, with whom you have already experienced great adventures in life, which make you laugh, give you a lot of energy and make you carefree. Well, Ashwaghanda and Maca have even more superpowers that have a beneficial effect on the hormonal system.

3__Many of us only want INTERNAL PEACE (read the blog), which is definitely a prerequisite for health and thus, of course, resistance and balanced hormones; but it is difficult to pursue in the flood of various worries, negative information and modern challenges. The state of Zen or what you associate with inner peace, can be achieved with Ashwagandha.

There is also a sweeter, more fragrant and enjoyable path that leads to our inner peace. It is a privilege to be able to dedicate time and energy to our hobbies during this time, including cooking and baking. The cozy smell of your culinary and baking masterpieces coming from your kitchen will relax you and connect you with your loved ones. On the website you can find plenty of healthy and delicious RECIPES, easy to prepare and great for the whole family, which include ingredients of the highest quality --> BAKING PRODUCTS

If you want to curl up a bit, calm your turbulent emotions and lift your mood, you can do that with a big cup of warm, real cocoa. Without a guilty conscience, you can sweeten it with coconut sugar… you can wrap yourself in a soft blanket and the experience will be top notch and the peace of mind will be guaranteed.

We wish you many carefree moments and at the same time, we want to let you know that we stand by your side, your PlanetBIO!

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