What is naturopathy and who is a naturopath?

by PlanetBIO EU
November 19, 2020

By: Anja Sterle
Photo: T. Turk

When visiting my Suo Tempore studio, sometimes people ask me if I perform bioenergetic therapies or if I am a healer, as my work in the Slovenian environment is not very well known yet, despite the fact that naturopathy has been used as a method of natural healing for centuries and the European Parliament has recognized it as a profession already in 1997.

I graduated with honors in Naturopathy and Psychosomatic Support at the Jean Monnet Institute in Brussels, and prior to that I studied for 4 years at the School for Evolutive Naturopathy and counselling in Nova Gorica. Naturopathy is a discipline that approaches health and well-being in a natural way that is by using natural remedies and treatments.

Its most distinctive feature is that it treats the person holistically and it does not focus just on the part of the body where a particular problem is present. It takes into consideration the physical, emotional, mental and energy characteristics of the individual, as well as his lifestyle and some other aspects, as all of the above determine his condition.

Naturopathic treatment gives us back our physical, mental, emotional or energy balance, it teaches us to listen to our body and what it is saying to us, and translates these messages so that we can understand and dedicate ourselves to them.

These treatments make us aware why something happened, seek for and eliminate the causes, as we are not interested only in the symptoms, and therefore can prevent the progression of discomfort into a disease and increase the health problem.

I must emphasize that the work of naturopaths does not interfere with the medical profession, as we do not give diagnoses and do not interfere with medical treatment or discourage people from doing so. A good naturopath is aware of his own limits and how far he can go with his work, has clearly defined ethical and work rules, has a great deal of empathy, is a good, attentive listener and a linker of all information obtained by listening, and even more by observing carefully.

What does noturopathy treatment involve?

After the first meeting with the client, I decide with which therapeutic techniques and natural aids and means I will approach the treatment. The body can be supported, balanced or stimulated and its self-healing abilities can be activated with natural preparations from modern phytotherapy and oligotherapy. These are gemoderivates made from the germinal part of plants, buds and shoots, and oligoelements or trace elements that are naturally present in the body, but are added as needed, as they enhance the biological functions of the organism.

None of these preparations have side effects or contraindications.

The well-known Bach flower remedies and Australian floral essences, which have beneficial effects, from the period of childhood to adulthood, are of great help, both emotionally and psychologically.

My work however, does not include only conversations and counseling but also treatments such as Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture Massage by Penzel. Both have a wide range of action, so they are useful for problems such as pain and functional disorders, back and joint pain, poor blood circulation, headaches and migraines, hormonal and menstrual problems, metabolic and digestive disorders and problems of the genitourinary system, burnout and many others. Both therapies are also effective in a variety of adverse mental states, tensions, stress, depression, and anxiety.

On the website www.suotempore.si you can get additional information about both techniques, as well as regarding other methods that I combine.

Occasionally I recommend to a client a particular exercise, which he must perform regularly to balance the energy flow and thus feed a certain body area with energy.

In order to raise awareness regarding the importance of prevention and health in the broadest sense, I organize and/or lead workshops in my studio Suo Tempore, and also groups come every week to the studio for the dynamic meditation Kinergy, which I teach as a licensed instructor.

You are kindly invited to visit my studio and until then, of course, stay healthy…

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