Wheatgrass powder - The Ancient Chinese green power

by PlanetBIO EU
September 06, 2017

Detoxifying, aiding digestion, increasing energy levels, treating anaemia, soothing internal inflammations, treating teeth and gum problems. Wheatgrass powder is produced from young leaves of wheatgrass, which are harvested, dried with lyophilisation method and ground into powder. It contains a lot of chlorophyll (detoxifies, is included in haemoglobin and erythrocytes synthesis, cleans intestine and regulates digestion, has anti-carcinogenic effects, soothes internal inflammations and infections, speeds up wound healing, eliminates bad breath, cleans airways, supports milk production in nursing women) and 19 different amino acids (including all essential). It also contains B group vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin A, and minerals iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

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Local smoothie

Mix all the ingredients in a high-speed blender to get a smooth smoothie.

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