Recipe: Energy bars

by PlanetBIO EU
September 06, 2017
Stress, sport activities and other efforts depletes our body. Besides that many times we don’t have time to make ourselves regular meal, for example in the mountains, on the bike, in the office, in the gym or elsewhere. Energy bars are most suitable for the revitalization of our body. Delicious and healthy snack efficiently saturates the body and reestablish its vitality. Almonds contains essential plant lipids, mulberries and goji berries are rich with vitamins, especially with the vitamin C. Guarana and cacao in combination with agave nectar lift up our energy level. Energy bars are easy to digest, so you can eat them also while sporting. Since they are not too big, you can take them everywhere.

For delicious energy bars you need

Power bars

In the kitchen blender grind almonds, crushed cocoa beans, vanilla powder, dried mulberries, guarana and cocoa powder. When you get proper structure, add goji berries, agave syrup (or yacon syrup) and melted cacao butter. Mix further until everything impregnate. Put the content on the baking paper and make a rectangle form. Place everything in refrigerator overnight and then form bars by your choice. Enjoy delicious energy bars and freedom of your revitalized body.

Author: Eva Žbontar

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