by Maja Kolar
June 17, 2019

Making smoothies couldn’t be easier, but sometimes you just need some extra tips to make them even healthier and outstandingly tasty. Of course you could just use a recipe (you can find many on PlanetBIO blog), but sometimes the best recipes are those you create yourself. The combinations are infinite, you just need to follow some basic tips to make a smoothie perfection. Let’s get creative!


  1. Choose a delicious liquid. Sometimes regular water can be enough (especially if you are using very sweet and ripe fruits), but to make a really delicious smoothie, use coconut water or dairy-free milk. Freshly squeezed orange works particularly well in green smoothies. For chocolately ones, try hazelnut milk! We recommend adding liquid to your blender after you filled it with fruit and other ingredients (so you avoid splashing of the liquid around).
  2. Use frozen fruit for that ice-creamy texture. If you replace half of fresh fruit with frozen fruit,  your smoothie will come out thick and creamy as ice-cream. It will also be colder and most people like cold smoothies better. We recommend that you always keep some frozen bananas or berries in the freezer. This is also a great way to store ripe fruit that would otherwise go bad.
  3. Add natural sweeteners. Refined sugar has nothing to do in healthy smoothies, because they are meant to support our health, not ruin it. But because most people like smoothies better when they are sweet and resembling a dessert, we recommend using natural sweeteners. Good options for sweetening smoothies up are dates, raisins, dried apricots, honey or just a little bit of PlanetBIO coconut sugar.
  4. Avocado is the creamy king of smoothies. Nobody can resist the creamy texture of avocado smoothies. A half of an avocado is usually enough and it’s crucial that you use a ripe one. Besides the creaminess, avocado will also boost your smoothie with heart-healthy unsaturated fats and vitamins. It’s especially good for soft and clean skin!
  5. Add highly functional foods. Be it chia seeds, camu camu, maca powder, acai powder, spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, barley grass, reishi powder or PlanetBIO protein powders, high functional foods turn an average smoothie into a bomb of antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins in minerals. Because of their highly concentrated nutritional profile, small quantities are enough (1-2 teaspoons), but keep in mind that they differ greatly in terms of taste, so you have to find out what combinations work out best for you.

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