BUCKWHEAT - another superfood

by PlanetBIO EU
December 07, 2017

Even though we really love our goji, cocoa, acai and other functional foods from different parts of the planet, we still swear by local foods. The basis of our diet should be centered around plant based foods that are grown ecologically and near us – not only to support sustainable development and environment conservation, but also because there’s so much nutritious and healthy foods among them. Like buckwheat.

Buckwheat was first cultivated in Asia and from there brought to Europe more than 700 years ago. Its today’s reputation resolves around the fact that it doesn’t contain gluten and although botanically it is not a grain, we still use and eat it as such. Buckwheat is rich in fiber, protein (including all the essential aminoacids), iron, zinc and selenium. It contains a lot of antioxidants, tannins and rutin being the most important.

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Great effort was put into finding the perfect ingredient for our PlanetBIO granola when we were making the recipes. We wanted our crunchy snacks to be suitable for people with gluten-intolerance and – sensitivity, while using only 100 % plant based and natural ingredients. Buckwheat was the answer: it is gluten-free, easily digestible and full of nutrients – a perfect ingredient for a perfect snack!

We went one step further – we always soak and sprout our buckwheat before using it in PlanetBIO granola recipes. This increases its digestibility and overall nutrition, making PlanetBIO granola truly unique, healthy, easily digestible and incredibly delicious. You can choose between 3 different flavours & order yours here! (we're shipping to all EU countries)

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