Good digestion = healthy immune system

by PlanetBIO EU
December 11, 2017

Ever heard that all of the diseases originate from the gut? It is not only about optimal weight and that wonderful feeling of lightness, good digestion also means strong immunity and ability of the body to fight seasonal illnesses.

The link between our digestive and immune system is very direct. Good bacteria that compose our gut flora are responsible for the absorption of nutrients that we consume through our diet. It is the nutrients that allow our body to function optimally and produce defensive cells of immune system. Of course, it is also important that we feed our bodies with the right foods, rich in nutrients – these are also the foods that nourish our gut flora at the same time. So what is the best choice? It is simple: whole foods of plant origin are naturally rich in nutrients and fiber. Soluble fiber that can be found in fresh fruits, veggies and some superfoods (yacon is one of the best sources with its high inulin content), acts like a prebiotic, food for the good bacteria in our gut. Insoluble fiber, that can also be found in fruits, veggies and whole grains, acts as some sort of a “brush”, cleaning our digestive system and preventing that the stuck food would start fermenting and forming toxins. If you had an antibiotic therapy in the past, it is also good to add some fermented foods to your diet, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha or fermented vegetables. They will help to replenish your gut flora that has probably been damaged by the antibiotics. If we also choose to eliminate processed foods and animal foods that only cause stress to our bodies, we have already done all we can to make this year’s winter healthy.

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