What is superfood?

by PlanetBIO EU
November 30, 2017


Superfood is a term sometimes used to describe food with high phytonutrient content that may confer health benefits as a result. The term is not in common currency amongst dietitians and nutritional scientists, many of whom dispute the claims made that consuming particular foodstuffs can have a health benefit. There is no legal definition of the term and it has been alleged that this has led to it being over-used as a marketing tool. [Wiki] According to Harvard Pilgrim Health Center, many foods are labeled as "superfoods" due to claims of extraordinary health benefits. The foods are generally whole, natural foods that contain various vitamins, minerals or antioxidants. Those who tout them suggest that by incorporating a variety of these exceptionally healthy foods, one's overall physical health can improve. [LiveStrong] Despite the fact the term "superfood" can be over-used, there is some truth to all that greatness of some foods. What we offer here is all tested on ourselves and only then gathered, packed and sold on the open market. Many number of times we've seen people turning to superfoods as a last resort, and successfully! So, try it and then form an opinion. If you like 'em, spread the word! :)

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