Why PlanetBIO green products?

by PlanetBIO EU
January 08, 2018

When it comes to green products, it is really important to choose the right ones. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use only green products with organic certificate and of verified origin. Especially with algae, you want to know that the product is free of heavy metals, because algae can be heavily contaminated with them – after all, their ability to bind heavy metals is the reason why we use them, right?

So if you want to detox and cleanse your body, make sure you are consuming green products that are clean and toxin-free in the first place! Putting arsenic and cadmium into your body - while trying to get rid of the same exact things - is not something you want to do, right? Because we could never sell something we do not use and like ourselves, we have spent a great deal of time looking for the best green products out there. After years of searching, 2 years ago we started importing PlanetBIO spirulina and chlorella from Taiwan and barley and wheatgrass from New Zealand. We can proudly guarantee that these are the best green products you can possibly find on the market. Their chlorophyll content is high due to natural sunshine exposure, their nutrient profile is the richest possible (meaning smaller quantities may be enough) and most importantly, they are 100 % natural, organic and absolutely free of any pesticides, heavy metals or additives. 2016PB_foto_green products_logo (1 of 1)

5 reasons why to choose PlanetBIO green products: 

  1. We visited our algae and grasses suppliers in 2013. We can therefore 100 % guarantee that all of our products are grown in a way that meets the highest standards of organic production. Not to mention the generosity and kindness of our suppliers from Taiwan and New Zealand!
  2. Certified without heavy metals and pesticides. All of our green (and other PlanetBIO) products bear an organic certification. Additionally, we test the samples on our own and check the algae for heavy metals. This is extremely important, because algae are known to be regularly contaminated with arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. Not ours! PlanetBIO chlorella and spirulina are 100 % free of heavy metals and algae from Taiwan are well known for being the cleanest on the planet.
  3. Grown outdoors. Because PlanetBIO greens have been exposed to natural sunlight and unpolluted air, they were able to develop lots of chlorophyll in their cells. Compared to other green products on the market, their nutritional content is incredibly dense. In fact, PlanetBIO algae and grasses are so naturally high in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, that smaller quantities are usually enough to cover your daily needs.
  4. Patented processing that keeps all the nutrients intact. All of our green products are processed shortly after harvest, using mechanical techniques that maintain the nutritional profile. PlanetBIO chlorella is also the only Cracked Cell Wall patented chlorella in the world, allowed for 80 % absorption.
  5. 100 % natural and free of additives. All PlanetBIO products contain only the natural plant-based ingredient – and nothing more. No preservatives, no fillers, no binding agents, colorings or other additives of any kind. With PlanetBIO green products, you always know what you get!

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