Yacon & Cocoa Sweet Nibs: How to use them?

by PlanetBIO EU
December 04, 2017

We are proud to announce our new product: 100 % organic Cocoa & Yacon Sweet Nibs, made of only 3 natural, plant-based ingredients. Pure cocoa nibs from Peru are covered in a healthy and insanely delicious mixture of 100 % cocoa paste and yacon syrup. Only 3 ingredients, but such a tasty snack! You can munch on it just as it is, or use sweet nibs in one of the following ways to add that chocolate crunch to your meals. What's your favorite way to eat Cocoa & Yacon Sweet Nibs?

2015PB_recipes_milk with cocoa nibsIdea 1: Stir them into a cup of warm milk. Our absolute favorite is almond milk which you can easily make by yourself. Warm it up a little, stir in a tablespoon of PlanetBIO Cocoa & Yacon Sweet Nibs and watch the colours change from white to chocolately brown as the nibs melt. Heavenly!

2015PB_recipes_cacao yacon nibs puddingIdea 2: Sprinkle over a chocolate pudding. Here's a simple recipe that everyone loves: put one soft ripe avocado into a food processor and mix until smooth together with a generous tablespoon of PlanetBIO cocoa powder, a few spoons of maple syrup and enough water to reach the desired consistency. Delicious!


Idea 3: Sprinkle over your favorite ice-cream. Our pick: home-made banana ice-cream, made of only one natural ingredient - bananas, of course! Put some peeled frozen bananas into a high-speed blender and blend until ice-cream consistency. Top with Cocoa & Yacon Sweet Nibs and enjoy every bite!

2014PB_recipes_energy bar1Idea 4: Make energy bars with it. Simply mix some nuts and dried fruits of your choice in a food processor, adding Cocoa & Yacon Sweet Nibs while mixing. Shape into bars or balls, and you're ready! Perfect for hiking or traveling.

Other tips & ideas for using PlanetBIO Cocoa & Yacon Sweet Nibs:

  • Add them to your morning bowls of granola or porridge.
  • Use them as a 100 % natural alternative to chocolate sprinkles - they make a great topping for any cake!
  • Stir them into your smoothies.
  • Use them as an ingredient in chocolate-chip cookies.
  • Roll raw energy balls in them.
  • Sprinkle them over a home-made chocolate, before you put it into the freezer to set.
Have your own idea that you would like to share? Write it down on our Facebook profile, we'd love to hear from you! :)

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