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PlanetBIO cocoa butter is produced from organic criollo cocoa beans. Its chocolate flavor is extremely rich and intense, making PlanetBIO cocoa butter a must in home made chocolates, cocoa beverages and other chocolate goodies. Due to its high fat content, cocoa butter is also great for making massage bars and body care products.

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Why PlanetBIO cocoa?

Criollo. All PlanetBIO cocoa products come from the criollo type which is known as the best and most prized cocoa on the planet. It has an especially rich and complex aroma that is full of long-lasting flavors. Compared to other types of cocoa, criollo is difficult to cultivate and produces less cocoa, thus it represents onlz 5 % of total world cocoa production. Its cultivation requires more knowledge and care, making criollo products more expensive, but also more flavorful, nutritious and of higher quality.

Visited our suppliers in Peru. PlanetBIO visited Peru in 2012, meeting our cocoa suppliers. We were able to check the conditions in which it grows with their own eyes and were thrilled by the pristine Southamerican jungle where the cocoa tree originates.

Organic certificate & permaculture standards. All of PlanetBIO cocoa products have an organic certificate, confirmed by European union. Even more, they are grown according to permaculture standards. Our farmers follow permaculture because it is the most sustainable way to grow cocoa in long term. Cocoa trees are planted under the shade of bigger trees where they grow best and natural plant compost from banana leaves is used instead of artificial fertilizers. No insecticides or fungicides are used whatsoever.

Intact nutritional value. At PlanetBIO we always try that our products are minimally processed to preserve the most nutritional value. Our cocoa beans are nor roasted, containing the most minerals and nutrients in them. PlanetBIO cocoa nibs are raw, while cocoa powder and cocoa butter are first ground into a paste that reaches around 60°C, making them not raw technically. Anyway, they still contain more nutrients than conventional cocoa products, where cocoa beans have been roasted first.

PlanetBIO cococa butter is produced from cocoa beans that grow on criollo cocoa trees. Cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao, is a small evergreen tree native to tropical regions of Central and South America. It is an interesting tree on its own, having shiny green leaves that are reddish when young, and beautiful white flowers. Nonetheless, cacao is widely known for its seeds, cocoa beans. They were highly valued by the Mayas and the Aztecs, who used them as currency and for making nutritious, though fairly bitter beverages. Throughout the year, 30 cm long cocoa pods develop and ripen on a tree, each containing from 20 to 60 cocoa beans, surrounded by fresh white pulp. The pulp is pressed to make a refreshing juice, while cocoa beans are used to produce cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

PlanetBIO cocoa powder is produced from organic cocoa beans of criollo variety. Whole cocoa beans are fermented, dried and then ground into a thick paste. At temperatures of around 60°C, cocoa butter is extracted from the paste. This is first liquid, but it solidifies later and remains solid at room temperature. The dry mass that remains represents PlanetBIO cocoa powder.

PlanetBIO cocoa butter is mostly fat (99 % whole mass). It does not contain carbohydrates and protein. It is mostly used as the main ingredient of home made chocolates and other chocolate desserts that benefit from its rich chocolate aroma.

PlanetBIO cocoa butter is solid at temperatures below 35°C. If you wish to use it in a recipe, you will have to melt it first. This is easily done by putting solid pieces of PlanetBIO cocoa butter into a bowl and putting this bowl into boiling water. Or you can put the bowl with cocoa butter into a dehydrator or slightly warm oven.

Melted PlanetBIO cocoa butter can then be added to chocolate smoothies or hot beverages, granolas, energy bars, cake frostings, sweet spreads or cookie dough. Because it turns solid at room temperatures, it is really good to firm up chocolates, raw cakes, energy bars, chocolate spreads, frostings and puddings.

PlanetBIO cocoa butter is also used to make body care products and massage bars. It is especially good to treat stretch marks, damaged skin after pregnancy and to increase sun tan.

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