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ASHWAGANDHA CAPSULES, dietary supplement – 180 capsules

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PlanetBIO ashwagandha capsules contain 100 % ashwagandha powder. PlanetBIO ashwagandha comes from India, where it is known as one of the most important and commonly used Ayurvedic herbs. It is traditionally used as an adaptogen. PlanetBIO ashwagandha capcules are especially designed for people who do not like the slightly bitter taste of ashwagandha powder.

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Why PlanetBIO ashwagandha?

100 % organic. PlanetBIO ashwagandha meets the high standards of organic production. We additionaly test it with our own independent analyses.

Supporting the local development. The company that produces PlanetBIO ashwagandha is a part of 10 different social projects that support organic farmers and educate them about the importance of preserving the environment.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a perennial herb from the nightshade (Solanaceae) family. It grows as a small shrub, reaching between 35 and 75 centimetres in height, and is native to drier regions of India. Also known as »Indian ginseng« and »winter cherry«, ashwagandha has egg-shaped, hairy leaves and small green flowers which develop orange-red fruits. Its underground root tubers have been used in Indian Ayurveda for millennia and are the only ingredient of PlanetBIO ashwagandha powder.

PlanetBIO ashwagandha capsules contain 100 % ashwagandha powder. This consists consists of dried and carefully powdered tubers of ashwagandha plant that meet strict standards of organic farming.

The capsules are of plant origin.

The company that produces PlanetBIO ashwagandha is a part of 10 different social projects that support organic farmers and educate them about the importance of preserving the environment.

Ashwagandha has long been known as one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs in India. It has been used for treating neurological problems and problems with concentration, to treat insomnia and reduce stress. Ayurveda believes that aswagandha is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs and has the ability to revitalize body and spirit.

Although ashwagandha is generally considered safe, we recommend pregnant women to avoid it due to lack of research. People suffering from thyroid problems or using corticosteroids should also avoid it due to the same reason. Although ashwaganda has been traditionally used as an adaptogen, some of the newer researches show it can negatively affect hyperthyroidism, because it can additionally overstimulate release of thyroid hormones.


PlanetBIO ashwagandha capsules are especially designed for those who do not like the bitter taste of PlanetBIO ashwagandha powder. They can be taken with water, juice, a smoothie or any other liquid. Recommended daily dosage is 6 capsules (3 grams), taken on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning.

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