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YACON SYRUP – 185 ml - 40%

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PlanetBIO yacon syrup is a natural sweetener that does not cause blood sugar spikes and contains a half of calories found in white sugar. It is produced from organic tubers of South American plant and is suitable for diabetics and everyone who abstains from refined sugar. Yacon’s distinct taste resembles caramel and is perfect for sweetening up warm beverages, healthy desserts and sweet spreads.

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Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) is a plant native to high Andes. It has been traditionally grown all over South America because of its underground tubers that are crunchy and sweet. The plant uses them to store nutrients and the locals eat them fresh as an apple – this is where its other name »underground apple« comes from. A few years ago, yacon was still relatively unknown outside South America – it was only after 2000 that its popularity started to grow in US and Europe as well. In contrast to many other Andean plants, yacon is not so sensitive and is nowadays succesfully cultivated in other parts of the world too. The plant is in close relationship to our sunflower, which becomes obvious when we see its beautiful yellow flowers.

Yacon tubers are rich in carbohydrates, which makes them pleasantly sweet. Yacon is known all over the world as a delicious natural sweetener, found in many forms. Syrup is the sweetest, as the natural sugars are the most condensed in it and the flavor is altered.

We at PlanetBIO always make sure that our products are not only 100 % organic, but also meet the highest standards of sustainable farming and fair-trade. We have visited the suppliers of PlanetBIO yacon syrup in Peru and made sure with our own eyes that it is produced in an environment-friendly way, with love for the planet and its inhabitants.

PlanetBIO yacon syrup is made from organically grown yacon tubers. Fresh tubers are juiced into a sweet juice, which is later filtrated and concentrated into a thick syrup of light brown colour.

  • Carbohydrates – mostly inulin, a water-soluble fiber that is broken down into fructooligosacharides, which do not cause blood sugar spikes and pass through digestion track undigested
  • Low glycaemic index – absorption into blood is slow and balanced, so it does not cause major changes in blood sugar levels

    Yacon syrup has an intense sweet taste that resembles caramel. It is used as a natural liquid sweetener, mostly for sweetening up warm beverages and raw desserts. You can add up to a few teaspoons into cereals, porridges, ice creams, puddings, plant yoghurt or milk. It also works great as a drizzle over a fruit salad or your favorite ice cream.

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