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Our vision is to once again regain harmony with our only planet. We are aware of consequences of dangerous chemicals used in farming, cosmetics and other industries. We believe that organic production is a step into the right direction in order to preserve our planet and live a better and healthier life. 

But stepping on this path is not an easy task, especially when we encounter ingredients and plants that grow far away from our homes (on other continents in different conditions). That is why, members of PlanetBIO team are always there to explain, offer advice or answer questions. But even we do not know everything, so we decided to cooperate wth experts from different fields to upgrade our knowledge constantly. And we are very happy when we receive feedback from users of PlanetBIO products, which include their experience with the products. 

ADVICE about using the products

We can be reached on

And if we are not able to offer you an adequate answer, we will try to find answers for you elsewhere. 

HELP with purchasing 

You can order PlanetBIO products on-line or visit our retailers. The list is available here.

If you have troubles leaving us an order on-line, please write to us on