Vision and mission of PlanetBIO

PlanetBIO believes that our food should be free of poisoned ingredients and damaging chemicals, which are harmful to our environment and our health. We look only for organically produced and plant based ingredients to include them in our high-quality products. Core of our business is direct relationship with producers and buyers and seeking values that contribute to preserving our planet and its diversity, to the development of local communities and fair payment for all participating parties.



For making PlanetBIO products we use only organically produced plant based materials. Our final products contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and protein. After carefully choosing our producers, we always test each batch before packaging, even though our producers are organically certified. PlanetBIO only sells products that meet global standards of organic farming without use of genetically modified organisms (GMO).


PlanetBIO team members travel to different part of the world to visit partner producers, because we want to make sure that materials are handled in best conditions and with best production methods. Besides, we demand that producers handle their workers and employees ethically, meaning that they have decent wages and appropriate working conditions. We follow principles of fairtrade, which include non-exploitation of people and environment. Because we know our producers, we can always tell users of our products, who is producing each material. We believe that only with knowing the materials and production processes, we can offer high quality products and state that they were not produced in exploitative conditions.


PlanetBIO products contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and protein. We choose only those ingredients, which are in accordance with our internal high standards. We are permanently testing the products ourselves and include products in different tests and researches to ensure that the products maintain the high quality.


We are proud of our new production facility in Mozirje, Slovenia, which was opened in 2015. More complex PlanetBIO products are made there. When making a product we are cooperating with Slovene experts and professionals with different backgrounds (health, nutrition, sport nutrition), but we also include culinary experts and public opinion.

Products are made by hand and fresh. This enables us to ensure their quality and freshness.