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PlanetBIO CASHEW CURRY is a spicy mix of cashews and Indian spices that make up a nutritious snack, rich in fiber and protein. Protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass and to maintenance of normal bones. PlanetBIO CASHEW CURRY  contains only organic ingredient of plant origin and is free from gluten, making it suitable for everyone.

Ingredients: cashews*, dates*, fresh lemon juice*, Himalayan salt*, curry powder*, chili powder*, turmeric powder* 

*certified organic


Why PlanetBIO raw snacks?

  • Hand made raw snacks with organic certificate
  • Free of gluten, dairy & refined sugar
  • Soaked nuts and seeds
  • Raw – dried below 48°C
  • Slovenian production & our own recipe
  • Delicious & crunchy
  • Balanced mixture of fiber, protein and plant fats
  • Carefully chosen ingredients of highest quality to make you feel good


PlanetBIO CASHEW CURRY smells of India and is sure to become one of your favorite snacks. Cashews and curry make a perfect match, while chili is here for additional explosion of flavors. Talk about spicy! Free from gluten, refined sugar and animal ingredients, this snack has it all.

Main ingredient of PlanetBIO CASHEW CURRY are cashews that contain lot of fiber and protein. Protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass and to maintenance of normal bones, while fiber makes us feel full and satisfied. Cashews are spiced up with Indian spices, consisting of curry, chili and turmeric. Curry is one of the most famous spice mixture out there, chili adds a slight hint of spiciness and turmeric enriches the snack with additional nutrition. PlanetBIO CASHEW CURRY is salted with Himalayan salt and dates and lemon juice are added to balance the flavors.

PlanetBIO CASHEW CURRY is hand made in Slovenia and contains only the best ingredients of premium quality. These are strictly plant-based and 100% organic. Not only are such ingredients more healthy and nature-friendly, with buying them we also contribute to local communities and sustainable development.

Cashews are soaked before we use them. This neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors and makes the snack more easily digestible. PlanetBIO snacks are dried at temperatures below 45°C to preserve the most of their nutrient value


  • Rich source of fiber
  • Protein – they promote growth and maintenance of muscle mass and healthy bones

    PlanetBIO CASHEW CURRY snack is delicious at its own when you run out of time to prepare a wholesome meal or at work. It also makes a great crunchy addition to salads, soups and other salty dishes.

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