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COCONUT OIL –- 500 ml

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PlanetBIO coconut oil is cold pressed, virgin and suitable for baking, cooking and frying, because it is stable even at high temperatures. It is also used as a popular ingredient in fresh pasta. Most of the fats in PlanetBIO coconut oil are lavric acid, which is also contained in breast milk. PlanetBIO coconut oil does not contain cholesterol, it is not bleached, hydrogenated or otherwise modified.

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Why PlanetBIO Coconut Oil?

Cold pressed. Fats from mature organic coconuts are extruded exclusively by mechanical procedures in which the oil is not heated. Also, coconut meat is not roasted before.

Extra virgin. PlanetBIO coconut oil is extracted from the first and only pressing as soon as possible after the opening of the coconut. This ensures the aroma and freshness of the highest quality and minimizes the oxidation of nutrients after opening.

Without the use of forced animal or human labor. When picking coconuts for PlanetBIO, monkeys are not exploited, which is often the case with many coconut products. Animals are forced and violently trained and often do not have basic living needs met, which is why such practices are contrary to PlanetBIO standards.

Coconut oil is obtained by cold pressing the fat from fresh meat of ripe coconut. They grow on high coconut palms (Cocos nucifera) and are not botanical genuine nuts, but they belong to stone fruits. In South-East Asia, coconut palm is used as the tree of life, as it is beneficial to use all of its parts, from which comes the coconut oil of the highest quality.

PlanetBIO coconut oil is 100% fat, and almost half of the fat is  lauric fatty acid, which is also an important ingredient of human mothers' milk. At room temperature, coconut oil is in solid state and is snow-white. It melts at temperatures above 25 °C, when it gradually changes into the liquid state. Due to this characteristic, it is especially suitable for coatings, creams, pasta cakes and truffles, where it is used in liquid form, and later, the final product in the refrigerator hardens.

PlanetBIO coconut oil is obtained from cold fleshed organic coconuts in cold mechanical processes. The oil is not heated up during the process, therefore it retains its primary nutritional value. In the process of processing it is not bleached, hydrogenated or otherwise modified, nor does it contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals. The European certification of organic production testifies to its organic quality.

Without cholesterol

A high proportion of lauric fatty acid - one of the main ingredients of human mothers' milk

High smoke point (around 180 °C) - that makes it suitable for frying, baking and cooking at high temperatures

PlanetBIO coconut oil can be used in many ways:

  • for baking, frying or cooking, because it is stable even at high temperatures
  • for the preparation of pasta cakes, pit, spreads, balls or other desserts where we want to solidify the mass in the refrigerator
  • for preparing home-made chocolate
  • as a plant substitute for butter when baking biscuits and other pastries
  • to make pancakes
  • for the preparation of vegetable dishes, especially Asian
  • for hair and skin care, or the preparation of body care products

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