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PlanetBIO Coconut Sugar is a natural sweetener of excellent flavor, which, in comparison with refined sugar, contains several nutrients and has a lower glycemic index (35). Its flavor is very similar to conventional brown sugar and does not resemble coconut, but has a pleasant caramelic taste. We use it in the same way as cane sugar.

Why PlanetBIO coconut sugar?

Very pleasant, gentle taste, no burning taste. This is achieved by a special drying process in a dehydrator.

Full texture without accessories. 

Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is thought of as the tree of life in the Philippines, because it is an inexhaustible source of various raw materials used by local people in everyday life. In addition to coconut, coconut palm is also an important source for coconut sugar. Coconut palms' blossoms grow in bumpy inflorescences, which means that hundreds of flowers grow from the short thickened shoots. Before refined white sugar became globally spread, coconut sugar was the most commonly used sweetener in all the countries of Southeast Asia, fortunately, today it is returning again and is becoming increasingly popular outside of its homeland.

PlanetBIO coconut sugar is obtained from sweet juice of coconut palms, which are produced in a sustainable way according to the principles of organic farming. The plant juice flows from the inflorescences, which is condensed and dried to granulate.

Process of making PlanetBIO coconut sugar is special, because the sweet juices are changed into crystallized sugar with gentle drying in a special dehydrator. This prevents the sugar from burning and getting an unpleasant taste, and at the same time more vitamins and minerals are kept in the PlanetBIO sugar.

Crystallized coconut sugar is mechanically changed into a finer grain with a special device that granulates coconut sugar without affecting the color, nutritional composition or taste.

Low glycemic index (35) - lower than the glycemic index of the food, the process of absorbing its sugars into blood is slower

Without added sugars - PlanetBIO Coconut Sugar contains only naturally occurring sugars in the form of sucrose, which consists of glucose and fructose

PlanetBIO Coconut Sugar is used as a natural sweetener wherever conventional cane sugar would be used. It is excellent in hot and cold drinks, desserts, yogurt, flakes, fruit salads, biscuits, sweet spreads, chocolates and all other types of desserts.

Coconut sugar has a nice sweet taste and resembles some types of brown sugar. Despite its name and origin, it does not taste as coconut. Its taste is neutral with a slight touch of caramel.

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