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PlanetBIO goji berries come from unindustrialized Chinese province Quinghai, which is known for its isolate location and unpolluted environment. They meet the highest standards of organic production, without the use of insecticides or fungicides that are a norm in conventional production. We additionally test them for heavy metals and harmful microorganisms. Besides their high nutritional value, PlanetBIO goji berries also offer a perfect chewy texture and delicious sweet flavor that we reach by carefully drying them at low temperatures.

Why PlanetBIO goji berries?

From unpolluted Quinghai. We have visited our suppliers of PlanetBIO goji berries in this isolated and unindustrialized Chinese province to check the highest organic quality of our product by ourselves.

Dried at low temperatures. PlanetBIO goji berries are dried at temperatures below 45°C, which preserves the most nutrients in the final products.

Free of pesticides, heavy metals and pathogenes. PlanetBIO goji berries have organic certificate and we additionally test them for heavy metals, bacteria and funghi with our own independent analysis.

Goji berries are red coloured fruits of a tall bush (Lycium barbarium) that naturally grows throughout southeast Europe and Asia, but the best berries are known to come from northern parts of China. Chinese traditional medicine has been using goji berries, which in the late summer develop from beautiful purple flowers, for millennia. Nowadays, they are widely recognised as a healthy and delicious functional food throughout the globe. In shape and structure, they slightly resemble raisins, though they are easily distinguished by their unique sweet flavour, which is best developed only in the country of their origin.

PlanetBIO goji berries are cultivated in an untouched Chinese province Quinghai, following the strict rules of organic production. We have visited the suppliers of PlanetBIO goji berries by ourselves in 2013 and made sure that our goji berries meets the highest standards of organic production, sustainable development and fair-trade.

Organic certificate and the origin are especially important when choosing goji berries. Conventional cultivation uses tons of harmful pesticides that protect the plants from insects. Independent analysis of conventional goji berries always discover high levels of insecticides and fungicides that are harmful for our health and bad for the environment. PlanetBIO goji berries are guaranteed organic and contain no traces of harmful substances. We additionally test them with our own independent analysis, not only for the presence of pesticides, but also for heavy metals, mold and bacteria.

PlanetBIO goji berries are cultivated in high altitudes of Chinese province Quinghai. They grow on 3100 meters, where they can develop the most nutrients due to harsh conditions (dry soil, temperature extremes, strong winds). Their cultivation is free from insecticides and fungicides.

After the harvest, PlanetBIO goji berries are carefully washed and dried at temperatures below 45°C to maximally preserve their nutritional value. At the same time, they become sweeter and pleasantly chewy due to the water loss.

  • Rich source of fiber
  • Carbohydrates – they are the best source of energy for most cells in the body
  • Protein – 11% of the total weight

    PlanetBIO goji berries can be used as a snack on their own, or mixed with other dried fruits and nuts. 

    You can add PlanetBIO goji berries to cereals and granolas, yoghurts, porridges and smoothies. They make a nutritious and delicious ingredient of energy bars and raw desserts. Try sprinkling them over fruit salads, puddings and ice creams.

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