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GUARANA POWDER, dietary supplement – 100 g

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PlanetBIO guarana powder is a perfect alternative to coffee. It contains caffeine that is also called guaranine in this case. PlanetBIO guarana powder is especially popular among athletes and busy people. We recommend using it as an energy support during intensive trainings or stressful times.  

Guarana is a climbing plant in the maple family (Sapindaceae). It is native to the Amazon basin and especially common in Brazil. While its interesting flowers grow in clusters, even more interesting fruits develop out of them. Guarana fruit is brightly red and contains white pulp that covers black seeds, which are the main ingredient of PlanetBIO guarana powder. When guarana fruits open, they resemble eyeballs, which formed the basis of many native myths about guarana. Indigenous people of the Amazon have been using guarana for its stimulative and medicinal properties for millennia

The main constituent of PlanetBIO guarana powder is caffeine. It is chemically and functionally identical to caffeine found in coffee or green tea, but is sometimes called guaranine to make a distinction. Caffeine is a stimulant with a bitter taste that people all over the globe have been using for millennia to increase energy levels and motivation. Compared to caffeine from coffee, guaranine is absorbed into the blood stream more slowly and has a longer lasting effects.

PlanetBIO guarana powder is made from guarana seeds that have been dried and ground into powder. Their production meets the highest standards of organic production.

Caffeine – naturally present, works as a natural stimulant and prevents you from falling asleep

Recommended daily dosage: 1/3 teaspoon (1 gram) PlanetBIO guarana powder that can be mixed with water, plant milk, juice, smoothies or other beverage. This recommended daily dosage has the same effect as two cups of coffee.

We recommend using this product as a part of varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children! 

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