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HERICIUM POWDER, dietary supplement – 150 g - Available soon

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PlanetBIO Hericium (hericium erinaceus) is a natural dietary supplement that contains all parts of the hericium mushroom. It is certified organic and PlanetBIO hericium is cultivated by a leading Slovenian company that not only meets the highest standards of organic cultivation, but also follows the ethics of sustainable and nature-friendly production and processing.

Why PlanetBIO hericium?

Grown in Slovenia. PlanetBIO hericium is cultivated by a leading Slovenian company that is focused on growing organic medicinal mushrooms. The company follows the high ethical and sustainable standards throughout the production process, from growing the mushrooms to turning them into dietary supplements.

Free from artificial fertilizers and pesticides. PlanetBIO hericium mushrooms grow in controlled conditions on 100 % natural substrate. No artificial fertilizers or pesticides are being used.

Nature-friendly. Our suppliers do not use plastics that are not reusable, they heat their company buildings with renewable wood energy and use composting methods to turn mushroom substrates into a natural fertilizer for their organic gardens.

Certified quality. Quality of PlanetBIO hericium is confirmed with regular laboratory analysis from our supplier, certified public labs, international labs from abroad and also from Slovenian and other research institutes.

Hericium erinaceum is a valuable edible and medicinal mushroom that grows on dead tree trunks, mainly on the northern hemisphere (Europe, East Asia, North America). Traditional Chinese medicine has long been known for its numerous therapeutic properties, which are now supported by scientific research, especially due to favorable effects on the nervous system. Therefore, the mushroom was called a "natural nutrient for neurons".

Its distinctive appearance inspired the enthusiasts to designate the mushroom by various names, such as Lion’s mane mushroom, Bearded tooth fungus, Hedgehog mushroom, Bearded hedgehog mushroom, Pom pom mushroom, etc. Among numerous biologically active compounds, Hericium erinaceus contains HEP3 beta-glucan typical of fungi.



Hericium powder is a representative of the new line of PlanetBIO functional mushrooms, which consists of hericium, cordyceps and reishi powder.

Cordyceps powder

Reishi powder

PlanetBIO hericum is being cultivated by a high-quality Slovenian company. The product consists of the mycelium and ground fruiting bodies of Hericium erinaceus. It is produced without the use of any chemical preparations according to the principles of organic production and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  • Ganodermic acids
  • Beta glucanes

    Recommended daily dosage: 1-2 teaspoons (3-6 grams) of PlanetBIO hericium powder, mixed into water, juice, smoothie or other liquid.

    Recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. This dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied healthy diet. We recommend using it in addition to whole diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children!

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