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PlanetBIO lucuma is a deliciously sweet fruit, dried and ground into powder at low temperatures to preserve the most of its nutritional value. It is used as a natural sweetener in smoothies and desserts – apart from its distinct flavor, it also enriches them with lots of fiber. Lucuma contains complex carbohydrates that are absorbed slowly and evenly. In South America, where it naturally grows, lucuma is recognized as one of the most popular ice cream flavors – we also like to make our own with PlanetBIO lucuma powder.

Why PlanetBIO lucuma?

Fair trade. PlanetBIO lucuma meets the standards of fair trade certificate. This means that the people that cultivate and process it receive fair payment for their work.

Meets the permaculture standards. PlanetBIO lucuma far exceeds its organic certificate. Peruvian farmers are growing it in the jungle, following the sustainable principles of permaculture.

From Peru. Lucuma originates there and has long been one of the favorite fruits of Peruvian people.

Lucuma is an interesting fruit of a subtropical tree, Pouteria lucuma, and native to the Andean valleys of Peru. The round or ovoid fruits are green with a bright yellow to dark orange flesh and one single black seed inside. Lucuma's flavour and texture are unique, making it one of the most popular fruits in South America. Fresh lucuma has a dense dry texture and a mild nutty taste that is not too sweet and is sometimes described as a mixture of maple and sweet potato. Lucuma was already known to the indigenous inhabitants of Peru (such as Moche civilization that existed from about 100 AD to 800 AD), as ceramics have been found at their burial sites, with images of lucuma painted on them.

We at PlanetBIO always make sure that our products are not only 100 % organic, but also meet the highest standards of sustainable farming and fair-trade. We have visited the suppliers of PlanetBIO lucuma in Peru and made sure with our own eyes that it is produced in an environment friendly way, with love for the planet and its inhabitants.

PlanetBIO lucuma is made from organically grown fresh fruits that are harvested, carefully selected, cleaned, peeled and dried. Dried lucuma flesh is then ground into the fine powder.

PlanetBIO lucuma meets the high standards of organic production and fair trade. Its production supports local communities, sustainable development and preserving of the natural habitats.

  • Carbohydrates – great and quick source of energy; lucuma contains mostly complex carbohydrates that are absorbed into the blood stream slowly and maintain the energy for longer
  • Rich in fiber
  • Low in fat

    Note that the sweetness of lucuma is not intense, so we recommend using it with other natural sweeteners, such as PlanetBIO coconut sugar or PlanetBIO yacon syrup. Lucuma powder is used more as a sweet addition that adds a special flavor.

    PlanetBIO lucuma powder can be used without limits in smoothies, ice creams, plant yoghurts, porridges, fruit salads, chocolates, raw desserts, energy bars and balls, cakes, cookies, sweet creams and frostings. You name it!

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