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Peanuts and cocoa are often a proven winning combination in sweet products. We have managed to make a recipe where purely on the basis of the natural organic ingredients cocoa and peanuts shine in fullness and richness of taste of PlanetBIO protein snack PEANUTS & COCOA

Why PlanetBIO protein snack?

Our own 'know how' – our own recipes! On basis of nuts, fruits and spices. Great taste and texture - direct competition to conventional protein snacks/bars.

Our standard premium quality based on premium quality ingredients and production process.

Unique ‘confectioned’ shape, which is appropriate answer to market demand in field of plant/vegan snacks and as such a real innovation.

100% ecological and plant based/vegan.

No dairy products, soy, GMO, refined salts and refined sugars. No preservatives, added flavours and flavour enhancers.  With high content of healthy fats and proteins – excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, but still great flavours and textures you would never expect is such perfect „pure “organic, vegan and healthy concept.

PlanetBIO Protein snack Peanut & Cocoa is a product of our own 'know how' – our own recipes! It is made from premium quality ingredients – nuts, fruits and spices – and premium quality production process.

  • 100% ecological and plant based/vegan
  • No dairy products, soy, GMO, refined salts and refined sugars
  • No preservatives, added flavours and flavour enhancers
  • High content of healthy fats and proteins – excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

PlanetBIO protein snack Peanuts & Cocoa is an ideal snack for any time of day, and is specially perfect after workout because it contains natural protein.

We recommend using it in addition to whole diet and healthy lifestyle.

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